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Open Monday thru Saturday, 8AM to 5PM


Haul Any Boat, Store Any Boat, Serve Any Boat

House of Boats understands you need expert service when handling your boat, and that's exactly what you get when you choose us. We'll haul, block and launch your boat; we'll provide the supplies you need to maintain and repair it; we even have the professionals on hand to help you get the job done!

» Haul-Out Service
» Cleaning Service & Equipment Rental
» Painting & Fiberglass Maintenance/Repair
» Boat Delivery

Clean Showers and Laundry Facilities

Our Ship's Store provides a variety of paints, cleaning supplies and underwater hardware. If we don't have it in stock, we have 48 hour delivery available for any marine parts you need at discounted prices. Plus, we're loaded with soda, water and Gatoraide!

Also available are clean public restrooms, showers and a washer/dryer for live-aboard guests.