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Preparing Your Boat For Transport

Remember, traveling at 60 mph into a 14 mph headwind puts your boat in hurricane force conditions.

House of Boats recommends you allow us to prepare and inspect your boat before transport, especially if your boat is greater than 30 feet in length.

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Proper boat preparation will ensure your boat arrives at its destination safely and without damage. Particularly for smaller vessels, some of the information below may not be applicable.

  • All hatches should be tightly secured and sealed with tape. Latches should also be taped to prevent the hatch from opening while in transit.
  • All items in the cabin should be packed and locker doors well secured to prevent cabin damage.
  • Batteries should be disconnected and cables tied off to prevent contact. Hatch covers whose latches are battery-operated must be secured with tape.
  • The dinghy cannot be transported on its davits. It should be stored in the cabin or be lashed and padded in the cockpit.
  • Carefully inspect the boat to ensure all loose items are properly tied down or stowed away in the cabin.
  • Inspect your cradle or trailer for fit, strength and structural integrity before relying on it to protect your boat during transport.
  • We recommend wooden boats be transported on their own custom cradle. There may be inherent structural weaknesses in the boat's structure not readily detectable. A well-designed cradle will evenly distribute the weight of the boat over a much wider contact area.
  • For a more detailed "checklist" of preparations to consider when readying your boat for transport, see our Preparation Document, available either as a Word document or .PDF.

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