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Haul-Out Service Pricing

Our slipway can handle vessels up to LOA 50ft x 18ft beam x 7ft draft. We can also haul larger boats, including multi-hulls at special request. Our goal at House of Boats is to be as quick and efficient as possible, so our re-antifouling services and maintenance usually takes three to four days.

House of Boats Lift in the Slip

Haul, Block & Launch w/ 2 Laydays

  • Shrimp Boats    $   6.00/ft
  • Power Boats     $   6.00/ft
  • Sailboats       $   7.00/ft

Quick Haul

  • Shrimp Boats    $ 100.00
  • Power Boats     $ 100.00
  • Sailboats       $ 125.00

House of Boats Lift

Load/Unload from Trailer

  • All Boats       $ 150.00

We have storage space ashore for up to 45 small (20' - 50') yachts. Yacht stands are welded together with 1" steel water pipe ensuring stability should a hurricane occur during the storage period. Storage rate is $10/day. Live-Abord is an extra $5/day.

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